How we design your in-house leadership program

The reson we make in-house leadership programs tailored to your business strategy is simple. It works! We want you to have a great return on investment. So how do we do it?


The basics

Getting the scope right. If you are unsure about what you need, don’t worry! Schedule a meeting with us and we will look at it together.

  • How are you envisioning program delivery? (digital, on-site or hybrid)
  • Do you want the program to be branded yours? (Training material, participant communication)
  • Will the leadership program be reoccurring year after year as a part of your in-house academy?
  • What are the business objectives you want your leadership program to contribute to?
  • What leadership performance do we need to improve to get there?
  • What leadership behaviour would drive that performance?


Starting with the end in mind

We start with looking at what you want to achieve. Together we work with formulating desired outcomes of your leadership program. Outcomes that are aligned with your business strategy and current business objectives.


Deciding on a target group

You probably already have a target group in mind. Maybe you already have their names written down. Or you don’t. In any case, we will look at it together!

  • Which target group would give you the most “bang for the buck”?
  • What other stakeholders exist and how will the program affect them?
  • Who else do we need to involve (beside the target group)?
  • How do future participants in your leadership program describe their current situation?
  • What do we need to focus on in your leadership program to improve leadership performance?


Learner analysis

With your business objectives in mind we explore the needs of your target group. Through qualitative interviews we identify core focus areas. The foundation of a great leadership program.  


Designing your program

Departing from what we learned during your needs analysis we design your tailored leadership program.

  • How might we meet the learning needs of the target group in the best way possible?
  • Only methods and tools backed by science
  • Experiential learning (learning by doing)
  • Creating a strong internal network
  • Simplifying transfer of knowledge
  • Program evaluation


Delivering your program

You now have a tailor-made leadership program. A few things are important to us and they are always included! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is nothing. However, it’s going to be a partnership. We are going to need your support when designing and delivering your program. How much depends but make sure you have allocated some internal resources down the road for the program. 

Yes! Anything from other leadership initiatives to strategy workshops, onboarding processes, business economics and compliance – we can make it happen.

We need access to the target group in order to understand their needs and challenges. We usually do this through qualitative interviews. Picking respondents, scheduling interviews – these kind of things. You can learn more by downloading our guide ‘Building a leadership program’.

We mean: It’s yours. All the content, everything we create for the program! Keep it. No questions asked.

Usually your communication department sends us branding guidelines and a Powerpoint template. We then make all the material look like the stuff your people normally interact with in your organization.

Talk to us!

We are happy to answer any of your questions. 

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We help organisations to create and deliver their own leadership development initiatives, both for managers and employees.  

Our goal is to enable fast-growing organizations by building out in-house leadership development capacity, valuable enough to be considered a competitive advantage. We aim to do so by developing initiatives that foster the greatest leaders and the most productive employees while positioning the organisation as a fantastic place to work.

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