Your leadership program for managers

Train your managers in leadership that is aligned with your business strategy.  Build a high performing work culture. Achieve your business goals.

Our in-house leadership program for managers are built for you. Making it easier for your managers to transfer what they learn directly into their daily work.

Owned by You

Everything created is yours to decide over. From start to finish.

Branded Yours

The ultimate employer branding that boost performance.

Tailored to Your Strategy

Aligned with your business objectives to fast track growth.

Target audience

Managers with direct reporting employees (it’s also common to include selected key positions without direct reports in the program).

Program content

All training programs are different. But there are focus areas in our leadership training for managers that we see recurring time and time again.

Business specific content

Strategy workshops, business economics, HR processes, compliance, design sprints or employee onboarding – you name it.

Develop and lead high performing teams

Knowledge, tools, and support for for leaders to make their teams perform at their very best.

Becoming a transformational leader

Equipping managers with the right tools to lead with empathy in all aspects of management.

Boost innovation and creativity

Processes and method for managers to spark innovation and adapt to ever changing demands.

Leadership in times of change

Dealing with conflict and successful change management

Program delivery

There are many design elements that may be considered when creating your leadership program. 

On-site, digital or hybrid

Have your managers meet at the office, at a conference venue or online. Today we often train in a combination of environments depending on your program content, cost structures and organizational constraints.


We can build your program to be a blended learning experience for your managers. A leadership program that combines in-session training with modern e-learning. 

Train the trainer

If you want to deepen your organizational learning and reduce costs for your leadership program, we can set up a train the trainer structure.

That means that we train managers in your organizations to train other leaders in your leadership program. That way you can reduce costs for external facilitators with up to 40%. 

Cornerstone principles

We offer a flexible approach where we together decide what moduls, sessions and workshops are to be included in your program. However, we have 3 principles that we won’t budge on:

There is always scientific evidence for what we teach. No half-truths and no pseudo-science. New methods and models without scientific backing come and go. We work with stuff that is proven to have desired effect – nothing else.

Our methodology for creating impactful leadership programs. Bringing learning into the real world. 

    • Experience – leadership situations through hands on exercises.
    • Reflect – on the experience and share learnings with each other.

    • Theories – behind what we just did.

    • Active experimentation – applying new knowledge and skills

In a safe learning environment managers go through Experience, Reflection and Theory. They are then given structured assignments to apply their new knowledge and skills in real life. These assignments are designed to create instant value for the managers and their teams. Essentially best practices to handle common leadership situations covered in training. A leadership playbook if you will.

Building long lasting networks of leaders. Through coach groups and group development we focus on creating a support structure for managers that has taken your program together.

Managers that has taken one of our programs continue to set time aside in their calendars to meet and continue their leadership journey together – long after their training has ended.

Program design

Designing your program is key to achieving the business impact you are looking for. Our design process starts with business strategy considerations before we focus on the specific needs for managers in your organization. We work with a modern iterative process called Learning Experience Design (LXD).  How it works!


We aim to be a competitive alternative to external leadership training – but there are many factors to be considered. You can get a preliminary price estimation for your program in our investment calculator.

 Investing in your leadership must lead to increased competitiveness – the same premise as any other investment, plain and simple.

Schedule a 30 minute call with us

We would love to explore together with you. 

We help organisations to create and deliver their own leadership development initiatives, both for managers and employees.  

Our goal is to enable fast-growing organizations by building out in-house leadership development capacity, valuable enough to be considered a competitive advantage. We aim to do so by developing initiatives that foster the greatest leaders and the most productive employees while positioning the organisation as a fantastic place to work.

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