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Sometimes an in-house leadership program is not the answer to your challenges. We have great experience working complementary tools and processes to build culture, create high performing teams and transformational leaders.


Culture Transformation

Having a hard time building the right culture? Departing from your organizational values we help you develop your organizational compass. A company-wide DNA, that enable your employees to navigate their way around situations in the workplace.

Culture is the way you implement your values. It’s how they become real. At the end of the day, great culture makes people perform better and stay longer. We have had success in the past through a process built on inclusion, co-creation and strategy alignment.

The Employee Game

Do you feel that you want more out of your employees? With inspiration from classical board games, the employee game has been created to drive active participation, intrinsic motivation and deep engagement around important topics of improvement. Learn more >> here << (Swedish only).

Team Pro

Are you looking for a cost-effective method to create positive change within your team? With Team Pro we help your team to map and prioritize development areas in a structured and standardized way.

Working with Team Pro will strengthen your team’s performance, coherence, and interpersonal relationships. A real gamechanger.


Lead Forward

Looking for a structured way to develop as a leader? Lead Forward let’s your team give you feedback on important leadership behaviors (proven by science to constitute great leadership).

You can read more about lead forward >> here <<.

Strength Deployment Inventory

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) enhances your relationship intelligence and helps you align your people development with your culture & business strategy.

Relationships can be complex, but the good news is that making your talent more effective doesn’t have to be. SDI is the market leading solution to help you improve relationships, build better teams and coach for performance throughout your organization. The assessments and training enable you to actively shape conversations that move your business forward.

Since 1971 over five million people have taken the SDI assessment and have learned how to flexibly approach relationships for greater mutual success. Learn more >> here <<.

Leadership Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in the way you manage your employees and don’t know what path you want to take? Let us help by coaching you to identify, understand and achieve your personal goals. We believe in humans’ ability, capacity, and motives.

Our conviction and experience are that everyone has strengths they want and can develop, they just need a push in the right direction to get there, and we will help you with that. At OHL Development we work with experienced coaches to provide a professional and safe coaching experience.

Design Thinking for Leaders

Are your team having difficulties with brainstorming creative and out-side-the box solutions to complex challenges? With design thinking for leaders, we equip you with the tools you need to better understand complex challenges, redefine assumptions and create innovative solutions with the help of your team.


Management Team Development

Are you feeling that you have a hard time collaborating within your management team? We help your management team to communicate more efficiently and share responsibility frictionless. By systematic working with the management team, you will go from a team that share’s information to a team that takes joint responsibility for the business.

We help organisations to create and deliver their own leadership development initiatives, both for managers and employees.  

Our goal is to enable fast-growing organizations by building out in-house leadership development capacity, valuable enough to be considered a competitive advantage. We aim to do so by developing initiatives that foster the greatest leaders and the most productive employees while positioning the organisation as a fantastic place to work.

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