Why in-house leadership programs trump everything else

Your people play a vital role for your competitive advantage. As an organization you need to attract top-talent and make great people stay. So, what makes people thrive at work?

The quick answer is amazing leaders. People don’t leave their jobs; they leave their managers. Some studies suggest that up to 50% of employees looking for new job opportunities elsewhere do so “to get away from their boss”.

Other leading reasons for switching employers are also effects of poor leadership:

Investing in leadership training makes sense. Yet, most leadership development initiatives fail to have the desired impact on people management, culture, and business results. Before you send your people off on another external leadership course you should consider creating your own in-house leadership program. Here are 6 reasons why:

1 Built on your business strategy

Do your leaders act in line with your business strategy? They should. Like all investments, leadership programs must yield results on the bottom line. Designing your own leadership programs does not only tailor training content after the need of your people. It is also tailored after your need as an organization. When we design our programs, we start with the end in mind, connecting leadership training with your tangible business goals.

2 Creates strong internal relationships

Networking outside your organization is fun. However, we believe that networking within your organization is more important (and equally fun). Internal networking between leaders creates a natural support structure for your people in their pursuit to become amazing leaders. Participants in your program are closer to fellow leaders taking the same program. They are often facing similar challenges and don’t have to be afraid of sharing company secrets with external parties just to get the support they need.

3 Boosts collective learning

Learning from each other. Having your leadership training in-house creates a safe space for leaders to learn from each other. That is a great added value for your leadership development investment. Leaders can speak openly about internal processes, share their company-wide network, and talk freely about their experiences putting training into practice.

4 Enhances learning with company specific cases

This one is obvious! With in-house leadership programs you can work with highly relevant cases and challenges. No generic stuff, we deal with real and current challenges for your leaders. It’s the end of role play and “scenario training” that are present in external leadership training. We train to make instant impact, it’s that simple…

5 Simplified transfer of knowledge

Transfer of knowledge is the most important aspect of any training. How much of what participants learn gets put into practice in everyday life as a leader? With in-house leadership programs all the tools and processes taught in training have explicit support from the organization itself. All leaders speak the same leadership language and are encouraged to practice the same processes, tools, and methods. It becomes a “way of working” as a leader in your organization and that has a tremendous impact on your culture and business results.

6 Leverages employee creativity

The world is increasingly complex and more times than not we include creativity and innovation in our leadership programs. You are gathering 10-15 leaders from all over the organization, and you might as well leverage their innovation power with a relevant “business innovation challenge”. Leaders train their innovation capacity and create potentially great ideas for the organization at the same time.

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No matter if you are 50 or 50.000 employees. Building your own leadership program is a better investment then of-the-self and generic leadership training.

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