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Your in-house leadership program

The ability to guide and influence others is a business-critical asset. 

For Managers

For Employees (co-leadership)

We create and deliver. Yours forever.

Our goal is for you to succeed with creating a high performing work culture.

Owned by You

Everything created is yours to decide over. From start to finish.

Branded Yours

For employer branding and culture transformation.

Tailored to Your Strategy

Aligned with your business objectives to ensure ROI.

Your business objectives

We start with looking at what you want to achieve.

Deciding on a target group

Together we decide on a target group for your program. Who should undergo training?

Learner analysis

With your business objectives in mind we explore the needs of your target group.

Designing your program

Departing from what we learned during your needs analysis we design your leadership program.

Delivering your program

You now have a tailor-made leadership program. Time to start training.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is nothing. However, it’s going to be a partnership. We are going to need your support when designing and delivering your program. How much depends but make sure you have allocated some internal resources down the road for the program. 

Yes! Anything from other leadership initiatives to strategy workshops, onboarding processes, business economics and compliance – just to mention a few.

We need access to the target group in order to understand their needs and challenges. We usually do this through qualitative interviews. Picking respondents, scheduling interviews – these kind of things. You can learn more by downloading our guide ‘Building a leadership program’.

We mean: It’s yours. All the content, everything we create for the program! Keep it. No questions asked.

Usually your communication department sends us branding guidelines and a Powerpoint template. We then make all the material look like the stuff your people normally interact with in your organization. Note: personalised branding is an add-on service

How it works!

Our structured 5 stage process will have your program up and running in no time.

Get a price estimate

Our investment calculator creates a price estimate for your leadership program and sends it to your inbox. 

The estimate includes designing your program and delivering training.

The estimate includes everything we need to design and run your leadership program. However, the following services and costs are not included in your price estimate. 

Add-on services such as: 

  • Branding the program according to your branding guidelines (training material, program communication)
  • Incorporating other company-specific processes and training modules (such as business economics, compliance, strategy workshops etc.)
  • Incorporating company-specific cases 
  • Measuring the long-term impact of your leadership program (not to be confused with program evaluation)

Additional costs associated with delivering your program such as:

  • Traveling costs for participants and facilitators (if any)
  • Costs for training facilities (if training won’t take place at your premises)
  • Costs for food and lodging (if any)

What do leaders say?

Why listen to us when leaders we train says it better.

Montserrat Hernández Rodríguez
Montserrat Hernández Rodríguez
General Manager Cibes Lift Iberica
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Throughout my professional career I have attended many in-company courses. Cibes Academy and specially the Cibes Global Management Training, has exceeded my expectations in terms of approach of training. Eminently practical! I can only feel grateful for having participated, and shared these weeks with great colleagues!
Kristin Simonsson
Kristin Simonsson
Polarbröd AB
Read More
The internal management and leadership training that OHL development conducted was of a high standard and was well anchored in the company's strategy. The trainers were competent and committed, which together with the structure and pedagogy of the training created psychological safety, community and group development.

Why It Works!

In-house trump everything…

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About us:

We are a family-owned business that has been around for decades. Not always in this shape and form but always with a focus on leadership development. We have built our business on a simple belief: when people lead well, organisations succeed.

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We help organisations to create and deliver their own leadership development initiatives, both for managers and employees.  

Our goal is to enable fast-growing organizations by building out in-house leadership development capacity, valuable enough to be considered a competitive advantage. We aim to do so by developing initiatives that foster the greatest leaders and the most productive employees while positioning the organisation as a fantastic place to work.

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