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Anna Ohlström

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Oscar Ohlström

Before merging companies with OHL Development, I ran Transformativ. A small premium consultancy for innovation, team development and creative leadership. Before that, I was designing and delivering accelerator programs for social entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. I have also gained fantastic experiences working with Doctors without Borders and in managerial positions within the service industry (working in Ireland, Norway, Austria, and Portugal).

Here at OHL I am responsible for our own design process Learning Experience Design (LxD), our business development and external communications. I am also a lead facilitator in our leadership programs with a reputation of being professional, empathic, and knowledgeable. Making everyone feel safe, seen and understood.

I love learning. Even if I earned a master’s degree in business economics, I consider myself to be an autodidact – you will find me in flow when I am working on things that require skills I don’t (yet) have. A learning by doing approach to life is not always the easiest, but it’s effective. I think the amazing results of our leadership programs at OHL Development is a great example of that: action-based learning is our pedagogical foundation designing programs and we often hear participants say “I have never experienced anything like this before, it’s demanding but great”.

One of my friends once said, – Oscar, you see opportunity in everything-  and I think that sentence embodies me as a person. It’s also the reason I have become a nerd in designing solutions to complex challenges. Helping leaders and teams everywhere to acquire the skills needed to do the same. The rest of the OHL team might say that I sometimes am too quick to act on the opportunities I see – and it’s a good thing we have complementary personalities amongst us in the team to balance that out.

Nature is my second home, and I am an avid climber and surfer. The adventurer in me is the main reason why I spent so many years of early adulthood abroad. Today, I explore climbing spots closer to home. A hobby I document through an Instagram account named Climbing Stockholm. I also live for my partner in crime Malin and my two children Ebbe and Molly.

Mats Ohlström

Introduction in the making. Coming soon!

Introduction in the making. Coming soon!

Victor Ohlström

Introduction in the making. Coming soon!!

Introduction in the making. Coming soon!


Mats founds OHL

After a lifetime in professional sports Mats quits his job as general manager and starts flying solo as a leadership consultant.


Anna joins the company

Leading positions within Sandvik and HR-manager at Stockholms Sjukhem in all its glory. Anna takes the leap. Little did she know that she is a natural. A gifted entrepreneur and business owner.


Off to a great start

For many small consultancies, within team and leadership development, the fierce competition can make you shiver. Anna and Mats lands a couple of large jobs and the business is off the runway heading towards the sky.


Consistency is the breadwinner

It’s one thing to land a job and another to deliver great results. Anna and Mats have never had to market their business and still work has always come their way – happy customers and word of mouth has been their secret to success.


Oscar founds Transformativ

Apples doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or however the saying goes! Geared with modern methods of creativity in a world with ever decreasing product life-cycles and increasing rate of change, Oscar starts leveraging his experience form the startup scene and founds Transformativ. 


A window of opportunity

Covid strikes and there was a need to support customers in a more digital format. We (Transformativ and OHL Development) started collaborating to keep up great results. A collaboration that would never have happened without the global pandemic – but hey! What an opportunity that emerged combining senior experience with new ways of working. 


Let's build OHL 2.0

Looking back at our successful collaboration during the pandemic, we concluded that we are better together. The idea of building a family-owned business spanning over 2 generations sounded like a great path forward. To do so we needed fresh knowledge and more capacity – Victor, who recently had graduated from Umeå University joined the team to make our idea a reality! 


Launching what we are today

Combining design and leadership development we are making the move from a consultancy to ’leadership development as-a-service’. Focusing on what we do best: creating tailor made in-house leadership programs for you. We still help out with team development, coaching and all these other stuff too. But our identity and unique competence are to help you realize your vision of your very own leadership program.

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