About us

We are a family-owned business that has been around for decades. Not always in this shape and form but always with a focus on leadership development. We have built our business on a simple belief: when people lead well, organisations succeed.

In 2021, we had a pivotal moment as we stood in the middle of a global pandemic. Generations came together and two companies became one. 

Today, we offer 15 years of practical knowledge in leadership development along with the latest research. We have created a leading design process to build tailored leadership programs and developed a cutting-edge capacity to deliver leadership education both in the digital and physical space.  

Anna Ohlström


A long career in HR, at different levels and positions within Sandvik, has given me solid experience both as a strategic HR partner and as a manager. The fact that I was a good business owner and entrepreneur came as a surprise when I was given the opportunity to pursue this path. I believe that it is my genuine curiosity about how others think and feel that makes me able to easily connect and identify core areas of support.

As CEO I am responsible for all our operations. I am also keeping up with the latest leadership research and involved in much of the client focused work that we do.

I knew early in life that I wanted to work with people and have always been curious about why we humans do what we do and what makes us do it. It has taken me on quite a journey ranging from volunteering at Hoyleton Children’s Home as a young adult to large and complex change projects like staffing a brand-new ophthalmology hospital in Stockholm and a career at Sandvik.

My strengths are many, but what I know are amongst the most appreciated are my ability to apprehend core challenges of others, leading with empathy whilst still being clear and fearless, and my ability to give feedback.

When I’m not working, I read books (and listen to audiobooks), hike in the mountains willingly and often, ski in every possible way. Newfound interest in yoga and likes to relax with English crime series

Mats Ohlström


I have been a leadership entrepreneur since 2007. Before that I have held several leading managerial positions within elite sports. Positions ranging from professional coaching to managing director. Throughout my professional career I have always put people first, and it has been a key factor for my success. To develop others as individuals. Individuals that need to fit together and perform as a team. That is the organizational challenge I have worked a lifetime to master. I wish I knew what I know today back in 1982 when I held my first leadership position.

Nowadays I am overseeing all OHL Development’s financial operations. I am also a lead facilitator in our programs and the one the rest of the team bounce their ideas with when we design new programs for clients.

In my spare time you will find me on the stands cheering for my favorite football team IK Sirius, or in the mountains of Härjedalen Sweden.

Oscar Ohlström

Design & Business Development

Before merging companies with OHL Development, I ran Transformativ. A small premium consultancy for innovation, team development and creative leadership. Before that, I was designing and delivering accelerator programs for social entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. I have also gained fantastic experiences working with Doctors without Borders and in managerial positions within the service industry (working in Ireland, Norway, Austria, and Portugal).

Here at OHL I am responsible for our design work, our business development and external communications. I am also a lead facilitator in our leadership programs with a reputation of being professional, empathic, and knowledgeable. Making everyone feel safe, seen and understood.

I love learning. Even if I earned a master’s degree in business economics, I consider myself to be an autodidact – you will find me in flow when I am working on things that require skills I don’t (yet) have. A learning by doing approach to life is not always the easiest, but it’s effective. I think the amazing results of our leadership programs at OHL Development is a great example of that: action-based learning is our pedagogical foundation designing programs and we often hear participants say “I have never experienced anything like this before, it’s demanding but great”.

One of my friends once said, – Oscar, you see opportunity in everything-  and I think that sentence embodies me as a person. It’s also the reason I have become a nerd in designing solutions to complex challenges. Helping leaders and teams everywhere to acquire the skills needed to do the same. The rest of the OHL team might say that I sometimes am too quick to act on the opportunities I see – and it’s a good thing we have complementary personalities amongst us in the team to balance that out.

Nature is my second home, and I am an avid climber and surfer. The adventurer in me is the main reason why I spent so many years of early adulthood abroad. Today, I explore climbing spots closer to home. A hobby I document through an Instagram account named Climbing Stockholm. I also live for my partner in crime Malin and my two children Ebbe and Molly.

Victor Ohlström

People & Culture

I am the newest addition to the family business. Straight out of Umeå university, where I studied Leadership & Organization, I’m contributing with the latest in scientific research and modern ways of working. It was easy for me to make the leap to OHL Development. Ever since I took my first coaching job back in 2018, I grow passionate about leadership and team development. The last year of my master’s degree I have been focusing on acquiring expert knowledge within the field of employee co-leadership and how to make employees lead themselves and others in informal leadership positions within an organization.

Here at OHL Development I’m responsible for the content in our co-leadership programs for employees (product owner), facilitating training programs and public sector sales.

I would describe myself as a sport enthusiast with a love for the Swedish game of floorball. Growing up I nurtured a dream to be a professional floorball player (yes you can live of it if you become good enough). These days you will find me skiing in the mountain’s wintertime and on a golf course during the summer.

We help organisations to create and deliver their own leadership development initiatives, both for managers and employees.  

Our goal is to enable fast-growing organizations by building out in-house leadership development capacity, valuable enough to be considered a competitive advantage. We aim to do so by developing initiatives that foster the greatest leaders and the most productive employees while positioning the organisation as a fantastic place to work.

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